How it all came about

The concept of Homo Conexus is developed by Margot van Brakel. She is a keynote speaker, a writer and a sound artist. For more than 20 years Margot has worked in the corporate world as a consultant, guiding transformations.

“The story of Homo Conexus starts in 2018. Through a series of events, both in my work and private life, I started questioning the way we look at ourselves and how we relate to our world. I had been working in the corporate arena for more than 20 years, always guiding the human side of transformation. But more and more l felt that we neglect so much of our human potential. As a mum I had raised two lovely daughters, but during their teens the three of us struggled with our own identities. It was a bumpy road with tough moments, but we made it through. And here too I realized we are on a wrong track.

Our culture – our values and norms – in life, work and society need an update, and so I embarked on a journey to find answers. Slowly the concept of Homo Conexus unfolded. I started taking the stage as a speaker and started putting my ideas in writing. In 2019 my first book was published: ‘De mens van morgen; van Homo Sapiens naar Homo Conexus‘ (Tomorrow people, from Homo Sapiens to Homo Conexus’). Then Covid kicked in. This time made it even more clear that we need a big reset. I was invited to share my vision on the TEDx stage in Wassenaar: How to revalue Humanity

In the past years, I have further developed and tested this concept. I have challenged myself to prove it wrong, but again and again, I have been reconfirmed in the truthness of it. Its simplicity is its strength.

And now I dedicate my life and work to spreading this concept. As a speaker, as a writer and – what I am most excited about – as a sound artist. To share the power of being connected through the magical experience of sound. To speak without words. Letting the experience do the talking.

The aim is to make a collective shift. As humanity.

It’s about time we did, don’t you think? “

Margot van Brakel

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